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15 April 2013

Star of the Week

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Sara

I am: Sara
In my family I have: my mom, dad, brothers and me and my Grandma and Grampa
I live: in Salem OR
My favorite food is: Pizza and ice cream
My favorite toys: Ponies and Lego Friends
My favorite things to do are: watch TV, do the iPad and read books look at flowers grow
Places I have been: San Diego, Hawaii, Union, Portland, Roseburg, beach, Seattle, Shawano Wisconsin.
Other things you should know about me are: Are my mom is a doctor. My dad teaches at Chemeketa.
When I grow up I’d like to: be a doctor, a teacher, a friend.

18 July 2012

Canoeing and other summertime happenings

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Adventures, Home, Sara

I think next summer we will have to find a kayak–we are getting to be too much family for a 17 foot canoe! Owen had a paddling lesson this week at Sparks Lake in preparation for being my co-pilot next year.

In addition to paddling and biking at Sunriver, there have been swimming lessons,

Lots of hammering and building on our tree house, now less of a death trap,

And BBQs in the backyard, giant Jenga supplied by the uncles.

(Unpictured, but significant!) A gazillion books, including Owen and my joint summer reading list. My choices: My Side of the Mountain and Misty of Chincoteage, His choices: The Lost Hero and The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. He finished these in about 3 days and I am just now catching up. I’m thinking  Island of the Blue Dolphins and  Ann of Green Gables next…

And of course, a sweet girl’s 5th Birthday, with a trip to Enchanted Forest and birthday cake with a friend. Sara at 5 is long and lanky, swims like a fish and can almost ride a 2-wheeler. She can read Green Eggs and Ham except for “anywhere” and “would”, and writes the most fantastic completely phonetic  stories (thanks Montessori). She will only rarely wear a dress, loves blue and purple and puppies (but is a little scared of actual, living dogs). She has green eyes like her Dad and a rarely photographed smile that will knock your socks off. She, along with Drew, spends a good portion of her time in some kind of fantasy, usually involving rescuing animals or packing for/going on trips. She is a great kid.



9 December 2011

Sara Sings Blitzen’s Boogie

Posted by Peter Hoelter | File under Holidays, Sara

Our little girl gives this performance of Blitzen’s Boogie her all at her school’s Christmas program. She’s quite the professional!

29 June 2011

Sara is 4

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Sara

Her favorite gift was a magic wand, with which she granted wishes, turing all of us into “plain” princesses, as opposed to beautiful ones. I still haven’t figured that one out yet, either… She and her friend Maisy discovered that sidewalk chalk, when pounded into dust, makes excellent face (and body paint). Who knew?

We had a big summer party, lots of neighbors, kids and family, an overflowing tree house–here are some of the kids with cake!

Here’s to a great year, my girl!

7 May 2011

Twice the Awesomeness

Posted by Peter Hoelter | File under Activities, Owen, Sara

Today was Awesome 3000, the biggest youth event in Salem and a favorite of our family. This was Owen’s fourth race, and he did great running 1500m. Every year it becomes more of a social event for him (and for his parents), with many of his closest friends participating. Uppa and Grandma Judy were in the stands to cheer the kids on.

Here is Owen warming up just slightly apart from his pack of (270!!) purple friends.

Sara was not going to be left out this year. All week she practiced sprinting around the living room. She was very excited (most excited?) to have same t-shirt as Owen. Jenny ran with her for the full 300m, and I think they both had a lot of fun. We are so proud of our little girl! She ran fast!

They posed for our traditional post-race photograph, though I don’t know where the kung-fu-ish stance came from.

Next year, we will have THREE runners at the event. I can’t wait.


Owen was part of a group photo that ran on the cover of the Statesman Journal’s Mid Valley section. This is the second time in four years that his image has been on the cover of that section!

Source: Statesman Journal Web site

24 December 2010

Christmas Eve Memories

Posted by Peter Hoelter | File under Holidays, Sara

As we prepare to make new Christmas memories, I thought it would be fun to enjoy one more time Sara’s Baby Jesus Song from a year ago.

Merry Christmas everybody!

3 October 2010

Sara takes Flight

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Owen's Photos, Sara

No, she hasn’t packed her bags for college yet… This was a test flight, landing safely in Daddy’s arms.

Photo credits to Owen who got to use the “big” camera, taking 4.5 pics/second!

Beautiful scenery is Baskett Slough NWR where we took a picnic dinner last night with chickadees, quail, geese, spiders and some deer. It’s been a beautiful warm weekend–love October!

Sara just woke up and crawled into my lap at the computer. I showed her the pictures and she whispers “I dreamed about those!”

Here is a short time-elapse video of each of the 167 photographs Owen took in under four minutes.

12 September 2010

First Day!

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Milestones, Owen, Sara

We are back to school too!

Owen started 2nd Grade last Wednesday where he’s gone for K and 1st grade. He knows most of the kids in his class and seems to have fallen into the routine pretty quickly. He gives thumbs up to chocolate milk for lunch and being able to bring his own book for “free reading”. He chose a book of Calvin and Hobbs comics and is learning about sarcasm.

We are SO big!

Sara started preschool last Thursday and has her second day tomorrow (she goes M, T, Th). She did great and had a good day, despite a really short nap. She has been squealing about going to school ALL summer long, and it’s fun to see her finally reach this point. I absolutely love this picture of her! Peter captured her smile and that hint of big-girlness that we see more and more of.

27 June 2010


Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Milestones, Sara