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24 June 2011

Chicken Update

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Chickens

We got up early this morning to my favorite kind of summer day–clear and crisp, warm and in our backyard, smells like honeysuckle. We let the chickens out to range in the yard and they settled on the back of an old bench to roost after kicking the compost out of Peter’s neatly edged beds and doing their running and flapping routine. This is a chicken version of  the “little lamb in big field” effect.

They are almost 3 months old and getting pretty big. They tend to be a bit skittish around the kids, probably wise in regards to the amount of illicit chicken chasing that has gone on around here, but this morning they were surprisingly tolerant of petting. Owen did a great job.

Their house is finished and working great. They like to spend time underneath in the cool dirt digging impressively big holes.

And yes, the kids (and camerawoman) were still in pajamas. The morning was too pretty to waste time getting dressed!