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21 February 2012

We Went Tubing

Posted by Peter Hoelter | File under Activities, Kids

The big kids and Dad went “autobahn” tubing up at Hoodoo this past weekend – our first play day in the snow of the season. All had a great time – the kids especially liked lunch in the RV our friends drove up. Owen has now decided we need one … maybe next year.

Mostly sunny day in central Oregon, with Three Finger Jack in the distance.

Sara enjoyed the rope tow to the top, though she walked the first three runs.

Time to head home!

2 February 2012

Fall Photo Round-Up

Posted by Peter Hoelter | File under Adventures, Beach, Holidays, Photo Gallery

Well, it happened again — I got way behind in sorting and posting photos. So the time has come for another catch-up post. Presented for your enjoyment are three galleries from the Fall of 2011.

Christmas photos are next on my list — perhaps before Valentine’s Day?

School Daze

Fall brings with it the familiarity of back-to-school events: Photos on the front porch, a trip to the beach with Dad, visits to the pumpkin patch, soccer games, fun runs, and more.


Thanks to a purchase at a wine-fueled charity auction earlier in the year, in late October we headed down to California for two days of magic at Disneyland, with a bonus day at Legoland. Grandpa Mark and Grandma Miriam joined in on the fun. Needless to say, it was an amazing trip!

Things That Happen Around This Time of Year

Trick-or-Treating, fall leaves, birthdays, outdoor adventures, and Thanksgiving with family – it was an active Fall for us. This gallery begins with three little Angry Birds, and ends with a sunny hike along the Santiam River.