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30 May 2013

Winter Wanderings

Posted by Peter Hoelter | File under Photo Gallery

This winter saw its share of birthday celebrations, trips to the beach and the Oregon Garden, and even a Valentine’s Day kayak outing. Making a starring appearance is Captain America (aka: Drew) – he is our little superhero.

24 May 2013

Four Things About Three Kids

Posted by Peter Hoelter | File under Activities, Kids

A quick update on the life and times of our three dear children…

Owen continues to lead the pack with a number of firsts for our family, including track and field events (he runs a great 1500m time) and a massive, multi-school orchestra concert.



Sara just this week lost her first tooth! Well, lost is not quite the right word—willed it out is better. That girl worked that tooth until it had no choice but to come out.


And not to be left off of the firsts, Drew ran his first Awesome 3000 this year—we now have all three kids running in this great community event. He did awesome.


Mom and Dad are doing their best to just keep up with these three rascals. We do have one cool event to add—we attended a “house concert” put on by a neighbor featuring Brazilian and Irish mandolin players. Grandpa and Grandma Hoelter went as well in celebration of their 42nd wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful, intimate event!