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30 March 2012

Drew Turned Three

Posted by Peter Hoelter | File under Drew, Milestones

Before too much time passes, here are just a few photos from Drew’s 3rd birthday…

And just to prove he’s still our little boy, here he is, enjoying a little, um, freedom (click on the image for a view of the full moon)…

Happy Birthday, Drew!

11 July 2011

1 May 2011

Haa-pee Maa-Maa

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Drew, Jenny

Yes, I am a happy Mama!

On my birthday, I was treated to breakfast in bed (good in thought, difficult to execute) a walk to Saturday Market in the sunshine, and then proceeded to the usual Saturday rounds of soccer, easter egg hunt and 4 year-old birthday party. Good times.

My favorite part was Drew’s little song which we heard off and on throughout the day:

27 March 2011

Andrew turns two (about a week ago)

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Drew, Milestones

It’s a little hard to believe that my youngest child is two years old.

He talks. “MEEEEE!” with an emphatic point to chest and foot stomp either means “I’ll do it myself” or “I WANT THAT!!!.

He walks. All the way to the park today, stomping in puddles in his new red boots.

He has opinions. One monkey sock and one train sock were worn to sunday school today.

He plays. More and more, he is Sara’s companion, “cooking” for the “babies” today, though there was screeching because Sara wouldn’t let him touch the pretend stove because “it’s too hot”.

And he still fits (just right!) in my lap with his blankie. Thank goodness for that.

Here are some scenes from his birthday (just before we left on our big spring break trip…)

If it has candles, it counts as cake!

A dolphin “pillow-pet” from Owen and Sara.

Present-opening assistance from Sis.

We love you, Drew.

30 August 2010

We’ve had some late summer travel and big adventures for our littlest guy. Ironically, his worst scrape was acquired in our own playroom on his sister’s princess castle. He did get several thumps, bonks and bites but seems to be faring pretty well. Here are some of his missed opportunities for giving his parents a heart attack:

Here he is at Point Prominence, overlooking the Minam River Canyon northeast of Union.

Here is the lookout we climbed to the top of, with Drew trying to wiggle out of Peter’s grip the whole way.

His shoes were kicked off during the climb and fell “DOWN, DOWN”.

We also rode the (probably not endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics) wagon pulled by Jack and Joe, on the way to Sunday School in Union.

The next weekend we were in Sunriver with the Hoelters, in a fabulous house the the most intriguing spiral staircase. Here is cousin Jackson demonstrating the toddler ascent with his mom as spotter.

We walked along the Deschutes to Benham Falls, over a creaky bridge.

Luckily, Drew has a buddy to commiserate with,

and a big sister looking out for him.

Whew! Back home safe!

23 July 2010

Kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Drew

I took my cub to pick blueberries today!

3 June 2010


Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Drew

Drew has discovered the lure of altitude, which we’ve been using to our advantage. He stood on our stool in the kitchen playing with (previously shunned) cups and spoons long enough for me to fix dinner AND empty the dishwasher! I took the picture of the back of his head because I couldn’t bring myself to disturb the peace.

9 May 2010

Drew’s First Haircut

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Drew, Milestones

My little sweetheart was waking up with out-of-control bedhead, compete with little mini-dreds, so it was time for a haircut. I only have time to negotiate hair combing with one child in the mornings.

Sweet baby curls before haircut

This nicely co-incided with a visit from Grandma Judy, so (using my giant and very sharp Don’t-touch-mom’s-scissors scissors) Drew was sheared.


He kind of likes having his hair played with, so he didn’t mind sitting in the chair until his little ear got in the way of the big bad scissors and he ended up with a tiny nick.

There was a little pile of curls on the counter when we finished, now safely in an envelope.

I feel like we’ve been passing a lot of milestones in the last few months. Now Drew is a walking, jabbering, mimicking almost 14 month old. I don’t really miss the days of having a newborn (though he was an exceedingly sweet newborn) and I know from watching him with Owen and Sara that things only get more fun from here. I’m just saying that when he insists on being in my arms and no one else will do–I might sniff his baby smell and kiss his baby hair and try to remember exactly what it feels like.