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20 October 2010

Beach with cousins

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Beach, Wings

Hooray for beaches and cousins! The Hoelters, Watsons, and Wings x 3 converged in a (large!!) house in Lincoln City for some family togetherness. Ben and Owen explored and learned how to skateboard, and the “little” cousins stole trains and blocks from each other and were generally herded around by Sara. Lily smiled and crawled and crawled and crawled.

And of course, there was the beach! Sunny, clear, windy and a smidgen chilly, great for sand dune jumping,

And dragging around kelp,

And “accidentally” getting caught by waves!

For next time:

1. 5 bedrooms is VERY nice.

2. Remember the waffle iron and the dice.

3. Nobody eats salad, but EVERYBODY eats grapes and cheese crackers.

Now we all have to get over the viruses we swapped and send packages with left/misplaced pajamas, glasses and doggies back across the Pacific NW!

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