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28 April 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Jenny, Milestones

Yeah for birthdays! I took the day off (highly recommend this approach to birthdays) and we had a very nice day.

We took our first bike trip with all 5 of us, (the two little ones in a 2-seater Burley trailer, and Owen on his own) at Minto-Brown park and had a picnic dinner! Drew tolerated a handed down pink panda bear helmet, Sara only pinched him a few times, and Owen, except for one spectacular downhill crash on a bridge, did GREAT.

We had angel food cake with strawberries when we got home. My favorite.

Peter and I took a little vacation to Hood River/Stevenson, WA over the weekend, while the kids had a sleepover with Mark and Miriam. (We LOVE Grandparents!) We stayed overnight at Skamania Lodge and enjoyed the view of storms moving down the gorge from the outside hot tub. We slept ALL NIGHT and read the ENTIRE newspaper!

We were all pretty wiped out when we got home on Sunday afternoon, so we wolfed down a pizza in the backyard. Don’t leave Drew alone with a pizza…