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6 March 2011

Sand where no sand should be

Posted by Jenny Hoelter | File under Beach

After a few busy (stressful!) weeks, everyone was grumpy at the Hoelter House. Brothers and sisters kept poking/pushing/snatching from each other, Mom and Dad found that there are limits to the mood elevating effects of caffeine, and we were SERIOUSLY thinking of giving up our no-TV-on-weekdays rule for 30 minutes of Dinosaur Train (don’t get me started…) and peace.

We realized that none of us had the wherewithal to obtain the 90 minutes of best behavior that is required to get through church and “cookie time” today, and so pointed ourselves west.

It was a bit on the chilly side, but sunny and only a little windy. The kids found “trails!” and “secret houses!” in the grass and dunes and explored, dug, and jumped for the better part of the afternoon. I love that Drew is big enough to tag along for parts of this–he is completely enamored with “Oweee” and so eager to play.

And don’t tell my husband I found this dreamy guy in the dunes…